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Commission Free Online Bookings

Commission free online booking system for Hotels, Guest Houses and Bed & Breakfasts.

Guests and accommodation providers all benefit from this one very simple change in the way we do online bookings. A change that achieves realistic savings for the accommodation providers which, in turn, benefits their guests and local communities. We charge no commission for online bookings. Neither do we charge monthly fees. We believe in a fairer business relationship with accommodation business.


SelectRooms understand the damaging effects high commissions can have on hotels, bed and breakfasts and guest houses.


Benefits For Customers

Lowest Prices
Because SelectRooms does not charge any commission to the hotel, you will be sure you will get their best rates.

No reservation fees
SelectRooms reservation service is free of charge. We do not charge you any booking fees, administration fees, or cancellation fees.

Secure booking
SelectRooms reservation system is secure and your credit card and personal information is encrypted. We work to high standards and guarantee your privacy. For further details, please check our Privacy Statement.